Quick Answer: How Do You Explain A Coffin To A Child?

How do you explain death and heaven to a child?

3 keys to remember when explaining death to your childBe honest and encourage questions.

During your explanation, let your child know that it’s okay to ask any questions that might come to mind.

Let them know that any feeling that they have is okay.

Let the child know how you feel..

Should I take my 7 year old to a funeral?

As a general guideline, children should be allowed to attend a wake, funeral and burial if they want to. They can also be involved in the funeral planning. Joining family members for these rituals gives the child a chance to receive grief support from others and say goodbye in their own way to the person who has died.

What does the Bible say about losing a child?

Bible Verses About Grieving The Loss Of A Child ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. … But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:14. So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish …

How do you explain death to a 5 year old?

How to explain death to your kindergartnerDon’t dodge his questions. … Give brief, simple answers. … Express your own emotions. … Avoid euphemisms. … Tread carefully when discussing God and heaven. … Be prepared for a variety of reactions. … Expect the subject to come up repeatedly. … Memorialize the deceased.More items…•

Should you let a child see a dead parent?

Young children do not need to be there when a parent actually dies, but it’s important for them to stay in their home where they feel the most secure. It may be tempting to have a child stay with another relative during this time, but that can create other problems for the child.

How long after death can you have an open casket?

approximately two to three daysIf the body is stored with proper refrigeration and care at a funeral home, it can be shown at an open casket funeral for approximately two to three days after death. However, most funeral homes recommend having the open-casket funeral within 24-hours of death to ensure the body is presentable for viewing.

How do you explain an open casket to a child?

If you will be attending a wake with an open casket, describe to your child what the funeral home looks like, particularly the room where the casket will be. Tell him that many people send flower arrangements to express their sympathy to the family and to celebrate the beauty of the person’s life.

What age is appropriate to take a child to a funeral?

By age 7 or so, most children understand the permanence of death. A school-age child is also old enough to attend a funeral, but only if he wants to. Give your child the choice of whether he wants to go or not, without any pressure or coercion to go, Markham advised.

Should a 8 year old go to a funeral?

But most children have a full understanding of death by the time they are about 8-10 years old and many younger children will have enough understanding to go to the funeral. … However, the best solution is often to offer your child the opportunity to go if they would like to.

Should a child view an open casket?

For instance, if there will be a viewing with an open casket, the child needs to know that. The child also needs to know that it’s OK to touch their parent’s body, but they should not be made to do so. The child may want to give something to the parent, by putting it in the casket, the ground, or the cremation urn.

Should I bring my 5 year old to a funeral?

Children old enough to know what is happening should generally be given the choice to attend and their decision respected. There is no right or wrong decision on whether children should or should not attend a funeral.

What is the purpose of an open casket?

What Is the Purpose of an Open Casket? An open casket is usually done to give family and friends a final moment of closure with the deceased individual. They get to see their loved one a final time before saying goodbye or offering up a prayer.

How do you explain a grave to a child?

When talking to children about any aspect of death, it is important to be honest; use the word ‘dead’ rather than ‘lost’ or ‘gone’, and use simple language that a young child will understand.

How do you explain a funeral to an 8 year old?

Encourage your children to go to the funeral or memorial service. Explain that you are a family and this is an important family event. Let them know that you expect them to go with you. Say that it is important to you to have them there with you.

How do you answer the question about death of a child?

It is best to answer honestly, giving information in a way that is appropriate for the age of the child. Listen carefully, and answer only the question the child is asking. Try not to overwhelm the child with information. If you’re not sure you understand what the child is asking, ask for clarification.

How do you tell a child someone has died?

Here are some things parents can do to help a child who has lost a loved one:When talking about death, use simple, clear words. … Listen and comfort. … Put emotions into words. … Tell your child what to expect. … Talk about funerals and rituals. … Give your child a role. … Help your child remember the person.More items…

Should a 2 year old go to a funeral?

Toddlers tend to be very active; you can’t expect them to sit through a funeral service. … Whether the children attend the funeral or not, parents should discuss the subject of death with them. At this age, children’s curiosity is great; their questions should be answered as candidly as possible.