Question: What Is Australia’S Population Density?

What is the black population of Australia?

The majority (72.6%) of African emigrants to Australia are from southern and eastern Africa….Major countries of birth of African immigrants to Australia (2016 Census)CountryPopulationMain city and proportion who live thereSudan19,049Melbourne (31.0%)13 more rows.

What is Australia’s population density 2020?

3.29 people per square kilometerThe population density of Australia in 2020 was 3.29 people per square kilometer, a 1.18% increase from 2019. The population density of Australia in 2019 was 3.26 people per square kilometer, a 1.23% increase from 2018.

How densely populated is Australia?

3.3 persons per square kilometreAustralia has an average population density of 3.3 persons per square kilometre of total land area, which makes it one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.

What country has the highest population density?

BangladeshOf the larger countries1, Bangladesh is the most densely-populated with 1,252 people per square kilometer; this is almost three times as dense as its neighbour, India. It’s followed by Lebanon (595), South Korea (528), the Netherlands (508) and Rwanda (495 per km2) completing the top five.

What is the population density of USA?

approximately 92.9 residents per square mileThis graph shows the population density of the United States of America from 1790 to 2019. In 2019, the population density was approximately 92.9 residents per square mile of land area. Population density has been tracked for over two hundred years in the United States.

How many Chinese are in Australia?

As a whole, Australian residents identifying themselves as having Chinese ancestry made up 5.6% of those nominating their ancestry at the 2016 census and numbered 1,213,903. The early history of Chinese Australians involved significant immigration from villages of the Pearl River Delta in Southern China.