Question: Should You Hire Someone Who Is Overqualified?

Can you not hire someone because they are overqualified?

Avoid serious legal issues — there are no legal justifications for using “overqualified” as a rejection factor.

In addition, because having excess qualifications are often directly correlated with age, refusing to hire the overqualified candidate can create serious EEOC issues..

Why being overqualified is bad?

Why Being Overqualified is a Problem If you’re overqualified, hiring managers may be concerned that you’ll get bored and leave for an opportunity that uses your full talents. They may also be concerned that you won’t be interested in doing the level of work the position entails.

Is it good or risky to hire overqualified candidates in your Organisation?

In general, It depends of the time term: in short terms, it could be a very good idea, since an overqualified person has expectations that could enrich de job, and expands the vision to others; but in long term,it could be very destructive, because people feel unappreciated and can start being careless about the job …

How do you handle an overqualified employee?

How to manage ‘super-qualified’ employeesUse them as mentors. Ask the overqualified employees to conduct on-the-job training of new workers. … Detail the job. … Combine two positions. … Assign challenging projects. … Value their input. … Allow more autonomy. … Don’t be paranoid.

Why do companies not hire overqualified?

Overqualified job seekers can even be rejected simply because the company thinks that the work will bore them. Job engagement is critical for productivity, so if an employer thinks you will be bored, you probably won’t get hired.

How do you respond to being overqualified?

For example, when he says, “You’re overqualified,” you can try one of these:”I can appreciate your concern. Can you share with me what makes you feel that way?””Oh, I’d hate to think you felt my experience would work against me. … “Thank you for your honestly. … “I”m so glad you shared your worries about my experience.

What should an HR manager do with an overqualified employee?

The goal of any hiring process is to find the most qualified person who is the right fit for the organization. Classifying candidates as “overqualified” can often be a euphemism for age bias. HR managers should respond to this potential bias by asking, “Aside from overqualification, what other objections do you have?”

Is overqualified good or bad?

“Overqualified” means “you’re too good for us, please don’t ask why”.

What questions should I ask an overqualified candidate?

Recruiting Overqualified Candidates: Top Interview QuestionsHow Will Your Expertise Positively Contribute to the Company? … How Have Your Effectively Used Your Skills in the Past. … What Motivates You to Be Successful? … Discuss Instances Where You Were Effective With Limited Resources. … Why Did You Choose to Apply for a Position With This Company? … Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Does overqualified mean too old?

You’re too old The law prevents them from discriminating based on age, so “overqualified” is a useful proxy to avoid explicitly addressing the age issue in hiring.

What does overqualified really mean?

Overqualification is the state of being educated beyond what is necessary or requested by an employer for a position with the business. There can often be high costs for companies associated with training employees.

Is being overqualified a discrimination?

And unlike discrimination based on age or gender, declining to hire overqualified workers is perfectly legal, as shown by U.S. federal court rulings upholding the New London, Connecticut, police department’s rejection of a high-IQ candidate on the grounds that he’d probably become dissatisfied and quit.

How do you reject someone who is overqualified?

Rejecting overqualified candidates emailPersonalize your email. While it’s normal to say something like “The competition for this role was tough” when you reject applicants in the early stages of the process, a similar comment doesn’t apply to overqualified candidates. … Avoid discriminatory comments. … Be honest.

Is it better to be overqualified or underqualified?

Overqualified candidates may be able to hit the ground running, but they might need more out of the role after a shorter period of time. Underqualified candidates may be more likely to think outside the box, but it could take some time before they’re ready to make waves in the organization.

What is an overqualified employee?

Generally, when someone is labeled as “overqualified,” it means they have a more extensive and more impressive resume than the hiring manager expected. Regardless of their ability and willingness to do the job, they frequently are screened out by HR and the hiring manager never sees the resume.

What are some advantages of hiring someone with more experience?

Pros to Hiring Someone OverqualifiedBroaden the talent pool. … Create a fast track to future responsibilities. … Achieve a faster return to full productivity. … Reduce training costs. … Set higher expectations for the role. … Reduce management required. … Increase the stature of the role. … Achieve a fast return on investment.More items…•

Can you be overqualified for McDonald’s?

Originally Answered: Can you get denied a job at McDonalds because you’re overqualified with a bachelor’s degree? Sure, although it’s likely you’ll never find out. … If McDonald’s is desperate for workers, they may hire you; turnover is hardly new. Keep applying.

How do you know if you’re overqualified for a job?

6 Signs You May Be Overqualified for a JobYou Meet (or Exceed) Every Requirement in the Job Description. … You Applied for the Job Just to Get in With the Company. … You’d Be the Most Experienced Person in That Role—By Far. … You Make a Lot More Money and Have More Responsibility in Your Current Job.More items…•