Question: How Far Is Caloocan From Manila?

What are the festivals in NCR?

The Best 10 Festivals in NCR, Metro Manila, PhilippinesPasinaya Festival.

2.7 mi.

2 reviews.


Aliwan Fiesta.

3.2 mi.

1 review.


Feast of the Black Nazarene.

3.3 mi.

1 review.


UP Lantern Parade.

7.3 mi.

1 review.


2.4 mi.

2 reviews.

San Juan Town Fiesta.

2.5 mi.

1 review.

Higantes Festival.

9.5 mi.

1 review.

Metro Manila Film Festival.

3.3 mi.

1 review.More items….

What is the festival in Quezon City?

Make your way to Lucban, a quaint town located in Quezon City to participate in the world-famous harvest celebration Pahiyas Festival. Watch the locals decorate their houses and streets with colorful flowers, vegetables, and grains to honor the patron saint San Isidro Labrador.

What district is Caloocan South?

South Caloocan is bordered by Manila, Quezon City, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela….CaloocanRegionNational Capital Region (NCR)ProvincenoneDistrict1st and 2nd DistrictsFounded181540 more rows

How far is Quezon City to Makati?

11 kmThe distance between Quezon City and Makati City is 11 km. The road distance is 13.4 km.

Is Manila a safe place to visit?

Manila is a safe destination—as long as you educate yourself on some safety issues. Locals helped us create this guide to staying safe in Manila. … Work with a local to build your trip to Manila. They’ll offer up-to-date information that you might not find online—and tips on how to stay away from the crowds.

What is Caloocan known for?

Founded in 1762, it became a municipality in 1815. Caloocan suffered much damage during World War II. Now part of Greater Manila, it is a growing centre of industrialization as well as a residential suburb. Processed foods, textiles, and engineering products are its main industries.

What is the festival in Caloocan?

Pamaypay ng CaloocanFestivals and Celebrations The City’s Foundation Day showcases annually the festival of “Pamaypay ng Caloocan”, with the use of “Pamaypay” or fan as it is showcased on techno-modern Folk Street dancing competition.

Is Caloocan safe?

Stay safe. Northern Caloocan has a bad reputation for giant slums; exercise caution and stay away from any obvious slum area if you travel alone. Illegal drugs and petty crime is a major concern, so better stay away from those areas. Women travelers must avoid walking alone, especially near run-down areas.

How do you get from Caloocan to Makati?

The best way to get from Makati City to Caloocan City without a car is to train which takes 35 min and costs ₱12 – ₱55. How long does it take to get from Makati City to Caloocan City? The train from EDSA/Magallanes to Blumentritt takes 35 min including transfers and departs hourly.

What is a safe distance from a fault line?

Phivolcs now recommends avoiding construction within 5 meters on each side of a fault trace, or a total width of 10 meters. We may call this the ideal “10-meter wide no-build zone” in the vicinity of a fault.

How far is Caloocan from Pasay?

13 kmThe distance between Pasay and Caloocan City is 13 km. The road distance is 15.6 km.

How far is Caloocan from Quezon City?

9 kmThe distance between Caloocan City and Quezon City is 9 km. The road distance is 11.1 km.

How far is Caloocan to Manila?

5.29 milesDistance between Manila and Caloocan City is 8.52 km. This distance is equal to 5.29 miles, and 4.6 nautical miles. The distance line on map shows distance from Manila to Caloocan City between two cities.

How far is Pasay to Taguig?

6 kmThe distance between Pasay and McKinley Pkwy, Taguig City, Manila is 6 km.

What is the festival in Manila?

Sinulog FestivalSinulog Festival The festival honours the baby Jesus, or Santo Niño in the Philippines. One of the largest festivals in the country, Sinulog features an all-day-long parade and party. It takes place on the third Sunday of January.